Episode Five: Charlie Roberts

United Through Time looks at Charlie Roberts - the first Manchester United captain to lift a league title. Part One: June 2nd, 2020Part Two: June 9th, 2020Part Three: June 16th, 2020You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, acast and all other good podcast providers The Darlington-born centre half-back was a footballing pioneer. His style of … Continue reading Episode Five: Charlie Roberts

Five good books about Newton Heath – the early years of Manchester United

It's a part of Manchester United's history that is far too often left uncovered. Nevertheless, the nature of the club's fame means that there is still plenty written about Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Football Club. Here's five good books on the subject. Harry Stafford: Manchester United's First Captain Marvel With some groundbreaking research … Continue reading Five good books about Newton Heath – the early years of Manchester United

Episode Four: Ernest Mangnall

United Through Time looks at Ernest Mangnall – Manchester United's first great manager. Mangnall was a Bolton-born club secretary who placed heavy emphasis on fitness and personality. His knowledge of the game allowed him to bring together some of the finest footballers in the country. https://open.spotify.com/episode/5Y55PL1oJxCzUgEJg7NsDF With those talented players, Mangnall led United to their … Continue reading Episode Four: Ernest Mangnall