Our first series is looking at the most important individuals in Manchester United history. Going in chronological order, we’ll be spending an hour diving into the life and significance of each person on the following list.

Of course, some of these names are known well from Old Trafford to the vista of the Sahara. Busby, Fergie, Giggs etc. But others are far less well-known, and sometimes criminally. That applies to our first individual, Louis Rocca, who you’ll learn more about shortly.

The full list

Individual Period
Louis Rocca 1890s-1950
J.H. Davies 1902-1927
Ernest Magnall 1903-1912
Billy Meredith 1907-1921
Walter Crickmer 1926-58
J.W. Gibson 1930s
Billy Behan 1933-1960s
Johnny Carey 1937-53
Jack Rowley 1937-55
Jimmy Murphy 1945-1971 and onwards
Sir Matt Busby 1945-71
Roger Byrne 1951-58
Bill Foulkes 1952-1969
Sir Bobby Charlton 1957-74
Nobby Stiles 1960-71
Denis Law 1962-73
George Best 1963-74
The Edwards 1965-2002
Brian Kidd 1967-74
Tommy Docherty 1972-77
Bryan Robson 1981-1994
Eric Harrison 1981-2000s
Sir Alex Ferguson 1986-2013
Ryan Giggs 1990-2014
Eric Cantona 1992-1997
MUST 1998-present
David Gill 2005-2013
The Glazers 2005-present