Episode One: Louis Rocca

The first episode of the all-new United Through Time podcast has been released. It focuses on Louis Rocca and is available on all good podcast networks, including:

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Podcast description

United Through Time looks at Louis Rocca: the second-generation Italian immigrant who brought Matt Busby to Manchester United and created the country’s first ever organised scouting network. This is the man without whom Manchester United could have been called Manchester Celtic and who helped to set up the Manchester United academy as well as helping to save the club from bankruptcy twice. Louis Rocca dedicated 60 years of his life to Manchester United, starting out as an eight-year-old teaboy and progressing through every role you can imagine. The cornerstones of the club – its name, its stadium, its record of academy players, its colours – were all laid down during Rocca’s time of involvement. United Through Time is the new podcast delving into Manchester United’s long and famous history. Going in chronological order, United Through Time will focus on the most important individuals at the club since Manchester United was founded as Newton Heath in 1878.
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Hosted by Harry Robinson, two guests are heard on this episode as we cover the themes of Italian re-unification, life in 19th century Britain and much more as well as the more general football stuff. Tony Rea is the utter authority on Italian immigration into Manchester and the Ancoats community which Rocca grew up in. You can read more from him at his website www.ancoatslittleitaly.com Paddy Barclay, meanwhile, has written the “definitive autobiography” on Sir Matt Busby. It’s available to buy online and from all good booksellers. If you enjoy the episode, please take the time to leave us a review on iTunes. You can even do it while you’re listening! You can also follow us on Twitter at @UtdThroughTime or check out our website at unitedthroughtime.com


00:00:00 Intro 00:04:37 Background to Rocca’s upbringing 00:11:25 How Rocca got involved with Newton Heath 00:16:34 Renaming Newton Heath -> Manchester United 00:25:40 Rocca’s scouting genius 00:32:40 How Rocca signed a player down a mine 00:33:26 The story behind Harry Worrall signing for Manchester United 00:34:36 Signing a player for 4 freezers of ice cream 00:37:57 Signing Johnny Carey 00:40:50 Man United’s second great financial crisis 00:48:00 Manchester United start their famous academy 00:49:42 The war at Old Trafford 00:53:42 Bringing Matt Busby to Manchester United 00:57:57 Providing Busby with a Cup-winning side 01:00:37 Rocca’s importance to Manchester United today 01:03:44 Outro